Bare lymphocyte syndrome

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Bare lymphocyte syndrome is a hereditary immunodeficiency disorder distinguished by T- and B-cell dysfunction and these cells are important in aiding to fight the infection. The group of genes is referred as major histocompatibility compound class II or MHC class II is not articulated. The absence of treatment can cause death in infants because of infection.


Bone marrow transplant is the recently known treatment though BLSII is a possible candidate for gene therapy.

Symptoms and Signs

The list below is the known symptoms of Bare lymphocyte syndrome: Persistent diarrhea Malabsorption Mucocutaneous candidiasis Upper respiratory tract bacterial infection Lower respiratory tract bacterial infection Failure to thrive Fatigue Take note that not all the symptoms is evident to the patient other symptoms can be determined by a physician only.


The main result bare lymphocyte syndrome is that it severely compromises the immune system and cannot efficiently fight infection. Medically it is known as a severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID).

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