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Baritosis a condition of the lung, that results from inhaling barium dust or barium that has compounds. It is a condition that is benign generally that does not result to symptoms except for irritation. On chest X-rays the particles of barium can be evident as an opaque shadow on individuals that has Baritosis. When contact to barium dust stops the abnormalities seen on chest X-rays slowly disappears.


Baritosis is categorized as a "rare disease" according to the Office of Rare Diseases (ORD) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This indicates that Bannayan-Zonana syndrome or a subtype of Bannayan-Zonana syndrome affects not more than 200,000 individuals in the US population.

Symptoms and Signs

Asymptomatic Cough Wheezing Nose irritation Asymptomatic Cough Wheezing Nose irritation


In a small factory where barytes was crushed, milled and graded nine cases of baritosis happened. After only 18 and 21 months of contact two cases happened and nine to ten employed men for over a year and a half acquired baritosis. Five of the men affected by baritosis were tested at separate times since their contact to the barytes stopped in 1964 presented marked clearing of their radiological anomalies.

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