Bartholin’s Abscess

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Bartholin's abscess is caused by the build-up of pus that will eventually form a lump or swelling in one of the Bartholin's glands. This is located on either side of the vaginal opening.


A pelvic examination will reveal enlarged and tender Bartholin's gland. However, further tests may be required to eliminate other problems such as gonorrhea and other forms of STD. Biopsy are often conducted to have a definitive diagnosis.


The treatment for Bartholin's abscess includes soaking the affected area in warm water for at least 4 times a day for several days to provide relief. This will help open the abscess and drain pus on its own although such approach will not cure the problem. This is manly because the site of the rupture is very small and closes quickly before the pus drainage is completed. Typically, a surgical cut is made since this provides the fastest recovery and greatest relief. Antibiotics is also prescribed.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for this medical condition include the formation of a tender lump on develops on either side of the vaginal opening. This may also include fever and pain during sexual intercourse.


A Bartholin's abscess typically forms when a tiny opening or duct from the gland is blocked. This causes fluid buildup in the gland that may become infected. However, this medical condition is not caused by any sexually transmitted diseases.

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