Basal cell carcinoma

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Basal cell carcinoma most usual form of skin cancer and it can be damaging and disfiguring. The danger of growing BCC is elevated for persons with a family history of the illness and with an elevated increasing contact to UV light by means of sunlight or were uncovered to carcinogenic chemicals, particularly arsenic in the past.


Biopsy - where tissue is taken for pathological study, performed with local anesthesia. Surgery is done in small cuts for large ones biopsy is done before surgery if it is malignant.


Various types are known: Nodular: flesh-colored papule with telangiectasis Cystic: more unusual and hard to differentiate from the nodular type that has a vital cavity with fluid Pigmented: a variation of the nodular type that can be baffled with melanoma Sclerosing/cicratising: a scar-like cut Superficial


Since Basal cell carcinoma is the most usual skin cancer and happens in fair-skinned patients along with a family history of this cancer. In about two-thirds of these cancers sunlight is a factor though one-third happens in non-sun-exposed areas. Sunscreens are recommended by dermatologists and yearly skin cancer tests to stop early discovery of this common tumor.

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