Bedbug Bites

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Bedbug Bites are little red bumps on the skin caused by bites of a bedbug. A bedbug is a small, flat, reddish bug that can be found in every home.


History of exposure to bedbugs. Physical examination and evaluation of the bitten areas to rule out bites caused by other insects like fleas, body lices and scabies to arrive at a diagnosis of bedbug bites.


Application of topical creams, gels or lotion to relieve the itching like cortisone. An oral antibiotic is often prescribed if infection occurs. Severe allergic reaction can be treated with oral corticosteroids. Mild allergic reactions are usually cured by antihistamines.

Symptoms and Signs

Small, itchy red bumps known as papules or wheals appear in the site that has been bitten by the bug. They appear in groups of small, swollen pus-filled sacs; Blister-like skin inflammation; Skin rashes resembling hives, sometimes occurring in a line on the body.


Bedbugs that hide during the day and comes out at night time to look for blood are the responsible for bedbug bites. It has a special element in its saliva that keeps blood from clotting while it is feeding itself with blood by sucking in any mammal. They are usually found in bed sheets, bed and messy places.

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