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Areas of discolored skin that can be raised or flat usually present at birth or shortly after birth. Few types of birthmarks fade as the child grow while most types are permanent. Most birthmarks are harmless and may fade in time but there are also some that are associated with certain health conditions.


Presentation and appearance of birthmarks can confirm diagnosis and classification of birthmark type.


Moles particularly the large ones can be removed surgically especially if they are located in interfering spots. Lasers have the capacity to remove cafΘ-au-lait spots but then tend to return in time. Large and severe hemangiomas require steroid treatment.

Symptoms and Signs

Birthmarks can either be flat or raised. Some with regular and irregular boundaries. Shades vary from tan, brown, black, pale blue, pink, red or purple. There are two main types of birthmarks: red, vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. The first one includes portwine stains, "strawberry " hemangiomas and "stork bites" while the second type includes moles, Mongolian spots, and cafΘ-au-lait spots.


The cause of most birthmarks in not known. Certainly they are not caused by anything done or not done during pregnancy. In some cases, they can be inherited but most cases are not.

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