Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a devastating mental condition characterized by instability about personal perception in combination to difficulty in maintaining stable relationship usually manifested by unpredictable moods, extreme "black and white" thinking, fear of abandonment, and impulsive often self-injurious behavior. This condition results to troubles in relationships, long-range planning and self-identity.


Algorhythmic diagnosis of signs and symptoms based on psychological evaluation criteria provide diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.


Psychotherapy specifically Dialectical Behavioral Therapy uses skilled approach in teaching patients how to control emotion, tolerate torments, and improve relationships with others. Depression and anxiety are relieved by means of antipsychotic and anti-anxiety medications. Severe cases including those with self-injurious behavior often require hospitalization.

Symptoms and Signs

The capacity to control anger is low and often lacking. Unstable judgment about self, which often leads to thinking that they are bad or too evil. Exhibits impulsive and risky behaviors including inflicting injury on own self. Strong emotions that suddenly arise then vanish all of a sudden. Fear of abandonment resulting to instability to maintain relationships.


The condition can be inherited based on studies about genetics. Environmental factors including past childhood history of abuse in any form including abandonment and neglection from loved ones. Brain irregularities in areas concerned with regulation of emotions and behavior.

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