Bowel Obstruction

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Bowel Obstruction is a medical condition whereby there is blockage or obstruction of the intestines that results to the abnormal bowel movements.


Diagnosis includes blood testing, X-rays of the abdomen,ultrasound and CT Scan. Biopsy, Radiology tests, lapaoscopy and colonospcopy may also be used to confirm the condition.


Treatment include surgical procedures and endoscopically placing self-expanded metal stents to temporarily relieve the person of the bowel obstruction. A change to a fiber rich diet is also advised.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Bowel Obstruction include pain in the abdomen, distenrion of the abdomen, fecal vomiting and severe constipation.


Bowel Onstruction is said to be cause by an obstruction in the digestive tracts due to bowel compressions or entrapment.

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