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Brain bleed is another name used to describe cerebral hemorrhage. Also known as stroke, brain bleed brings about serious damages such as paralysis. The effects of brain bleed may no longer be reversed or may require intensive therapy. It can also cause sudden death.


Cerebral hemorrhage can be diagnosed during treatment.


Treatment can be done via surgery, but the damages brought about by the hemorrhage would take long or can never be reversible. Physical therapy is recommended to patients who want to recover from paralysis.

Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms that may indicate that brain bleed is likely to occur are sudden headaches, high blood pressure and hypertension.


Cerebral hemorrhage can be a result of a variety of reasons. It can be due to a rupture of an artery in the spinal chord causing a blockage in the nervous system, or a sudden heart attack. People with hypertension as well as those who are obese are more likely to suffer a stroke.

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