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Bronchitis is a condition that occurs when the inner walls lining the main airways of the lungs become inflamed; usually happening after a previous respiration infection like colds.


Chest X-ray will show image of the lung for the doctor to assess the condition. Sputum culture is a test performed to check if there is bacteria present in the sputum expelled.


A non-prescription cough medicine, plenty of rest, and lots of liquids are the elements of bronchitis treatment. Cough that brings out mucus should not be suppressed because coughing aids in removing irritants blocking the airways to the lungs. An antibiotic may be prescribed by the doctor if there are suspicions of bacterial infection.

Symptoms and Signs

Coughing with a yellowish-gray or green- colored mucus discharge is a warning signal that may indicate bronchitis. Sore, constricted and burning sensation felt in the chest area. Noisy sound when breathing out is often manifested. Sinus fullness may lead to breathing difficulty and chest congestion. Slight fever and chill may present associated with general ill feeling.


Bronchitis is often caused by the same virus that causes colds. There are also cases when acute bronchitis can be linked to exposure to cigarette smoke, certain dusts or fumes and chemicals contained in household cleaners.

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