Bronze Diabetes

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Bronze diabetes, or hemachromatosis, is a kind of diabetes caused by an overload of iron deposits in the body tissues. Without treatment, iron overload may cause complications and eventually lead to organ failure.


Diagnosis can be done by blood serum tests to determine the amount of iron found in the bloodstream. Other conditions that affect bronze diabetes are examined as well,


The disease can be treated by phlebotomy, or blood-letting. Intensive blood-letting schedules should be followed to release all the excess iron deposits in the blood.

Symptoms and Signs

People suffering from bronze diabetes usually complain about joint pain. Fatigue, weakness and abdominal pain are also present.


Bronze diabetes is caused by a defective gene named HFE. This gene is supposed to help regulate the body's iron absorption by rather results to over-absorption of the said mineral. It is an autosomal dominant disorder.

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