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Bunyavirus is a type of virus which causes infection that results damage to the various organs of the person due to a viral infection carried by the Bunyaviridae which may be passed by mosquito bites.


Diagnosis includes undergoing CBC, red cell fragility tests, urinalysis, chemistry panel, VDRL Tests, chest x-ray and Ct Scan.


Treatment includes administration of medicine for fever and antibiotic and antimicrobial therapy for any infections.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes high fever, rapid pulse, facial flushing, furry tongue, kidney malfunction, headache, irritability, reduced urine, proteinurea, liver inflammation, jaundice, yellowish eyes and skin, vomiting of blood, slow heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, weakness, kidney inflammation, muscle pain, mucous membrane bleeding, tiredness, confusion, delirium, gastrointestinal bleeding and inflammation and chest pain.


Bunyavirus Infection is said to cause by a a viral infection which are passed by mosquito bites.

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