Burning mouth syndrome

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Burning mouth syndrome is a rather complex and highly vexing oral condition characterized by a burning sensation that occurs involving the lips, tongue, or the major areas of the whole mouth, for no apparent reason.This disorder has been associated with several numbers of other conditions such as psychological problems, menopause, disorders of the mouth, and nutritional deficiencies.


doctor will review patient's medical history, as well as conduct keen examination of the your mouth and ask you to describe your symptoms, Diagnostics tests may also include blood tests, blot count, allergy exams and oral biopsy.


The treatment of this condition largely varies and may depend on the underlying causes found. Increase in the intake of fluid is usually advised as well as the administration of some oral anti-fungal medications.

Symptoms and Signs

Major symptoms of this disorder involve the burning pain in the palate, throat, lips and tongue or most areas of the mouth. Other key indicators include sore and dry mouth, numbness in the tip of the tongue and lips, and the bitter metallic tastes. In cases where pain intensifies, patients may also experience troubled sleep that is a direct result of the pain.


There are a number of possible causes of burning mouth syndrome and treatments may vary depending on the type of symptoms displayed by the patient Dry mouth may be triggered by intake of certain medications, some autoimmune disease, physiological factors and nutritional deficiencies as well as irritating dentures. Hormonal imbalance and stomach acid reflux may also be an underlying cause.

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