Cafe au lait spots

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Cafe au lait spots are generally birthmarks that are characterized by some brown cutaneous macules which are usually evident at birth and may strongly suggest possibility of Albright's syndrome or neurofibromatosis. The color of the birthmark may vary from dark to light brown with some irregular or smooth borders. Sizes of the spot can also vary and may possibly enlarge as the child grows.


Patients may undergo some tissue biopsy and other diagnostic tests as well as radiographic study to provide a more definitive diagnosis.


In essence, CAL spots does not require any treatment as it is simply a form of birthmark. However, patients may require some emotional support that should be provided by the family as well as genetic counseling to gain better understanding of this skin disorder. lthough cafΘ-au-lait spots require no treatment, you'll need to provide emotional support for the patient and his family. Also, refer them for genetic counseling. Prepare the patient for diagnostic tests, such as tissue biopsy and radiographic studies.`

Symptoms and Signs

The distinguishing signs of cafΘ-au-lait spots are the flat, uniformly hyperpigmented macules that are usually light brown in color. The spots usually appear during the first three years of existence but can also possibly develop at any age. It is largely differentiated from benign marks and freckles by is considerably larger size and irregular shape.


The primary underlying cause of CAL spots is the significant increase of melanin content that its coupled by the presence of melanosomes in the keratinocytes and melanocytes.

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