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Calcinosis is a medical condition whereby there is a formation of calcium phosphates deposits in any soft tissue of the body.


Diagnosis includes undergoing tests like the Ultrafast computed tomography scan to take multiple view of the heart and to measure the amount of calcium that may build up in the heart and arteries.


Treatment includes administration of drugs and hormones and undergoing an oral low dose of anti coagulant therapy used to reverse the effect of calcification. Colchicine and surgical excision of the large mass caused by the build up may also be used to treat the condition.

Symptoms and Signs

The medical condition is manifested pain in the affected area and organ inasmuch as the calcium deposit causes problems and alteration on how the blood vessels and organ works. Though it may manifest symptoms that includes reduced pulp cavities, lump near the hip, mass near joint, elbow lump, shoulder lump and bulbous tooth roots. short tooth roots


It is said to be caused by buildup of calcium phosphates in the tissue of the body. It is also linked to Rheumatic problems.

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