Cardiac arrest

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Cardiac arrest is also recognized as cardiorespiratory arrest, cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest and it is the sudden stop of normal flow of the blood because of the failure of the heart to contract efficiently during systole. Cardiac arrest varies from a heart attack or myocardial infarction where in the flow of blood to the still-beating heart is sporadic. The prevention of oxygen to be supplied to all parts of the body is referred to as "Arrested" blood circulation.

Symptoms and Signs

The list below shows the known symptoms of Cardiac arrest: frequently comes first by symptoms of heart attack Heart stoppage Collapse Loss of consciousness Loss of breathing Absent pulse Some of symptoms sighted might not be evident to the patient but might be evident to the doctor/physician only.


The list below shows the known complication of Cardiac arrest: Reduced/decreases consciousness level Vegetative condition Severe lung syndrome

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