Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition wherein the carpal tunnel's median nerve is pinched or entrapped due to swelling tendons or nerve or both. Carpal tunnel safeguards the major nerve to the hand, as well as the nine tendons responsible for bending the fingers. When pressure is placed on this major nerve, it causes pain, muscle weakness, and paresthesias in the hand and forearm.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is typically diagnosed through results of medical history, hand diagram, and physical exam. If severe symptoms are experienced, additional testing is required, such s nerve testing, X-rays, MRI, ultrasound, and others relevant tests.


The syndrome's treatment depends on the condition's severity. There are nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for the syndrome. Fortunately, most patients given proper treatment restore the normal use of their hands and wrists.

Symptoms and Signs

Most people with the syndrome experience slowly increasing symptoms, which usually begins with a slight ache in the wrist that may extend to the hand and forearm. The most common symptoms of the syndrome include numbness or tingling; pain that radiates or extends from the wrist up to the arm, to the shoulder, or into the fingers or palm; and a feeling of weakness in the hands.


The causes of the syndrome can be linked to different health conditions and activities including recurring occupational trauma, wrist injuries, acromegaly, rheumatoid arthritis, amyloid neuropathies, pregnancy, and some other conditions.

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