Cat-Scratch Disease

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Cat-scratch disease is a communicable disease transmitted through the bacteria in a cat's saliva. The disease can be caught from a cat's bite or scratch, and may be passed on from cat to human. The disease isn't severe in healthy people, but it may be a problem for those who have a weak immune system.


If a patient remembers if they were scratched or bitten, a doctor can diagnose the disease based on facts provided. If diagnosis is unclear, blood test can help doctors with the diagnosis.


In the majority of people, the infection clears up even without treatment. Although, antibiotics can be required if the swollen lymph notes remains swollen and painful for longer than two to three months. Antibiotics can also help if there's long fever or bone, liver, or other organ infection. Doctors can also drain big and painful lymph nodes.

Symptoms and Signs

Sore can develop in the area that has been scratched or bitten. This sore may not occur immediately, and it can take three to ten days after being scratched or bitten. Swollen lymph nodes also develop, mostly in glands near the area of scratch or bite. Other symptoms include mild fever, headache, and local infection.


The germs carried in a cat's saliva when bitten or scratched cause the disease. While one can get the disease through a scratch or bite, one can also catch these bacteria by rubbing their eyes after touching a cat's fur with bacteria.

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