Caudal Regression Syndrome

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Caudal regression syndrome is an uncommon disorder wherein the fetal spine's bottom portion does not properly develop. As a result, abnormalities that can be mild or severe occur. The syndrome can lead to various problems, varying from partial nonappearance of the spine's tailbone areas, to severe cases entailing significant malformation of pelvis, lower vertebrate, and spine.


Myelo-CT and Myelography were formerly used for diagnosing the syndrome. Other methods used for diagnosis include amniofusion for cases connected with oligohydramnios, obstetric ultrasonography, and lumbosacral MRI is usually accepted today.


Caudal regression syndrome necessitates surgical intervention for vertebral anomalies and decompression, particularly if the syndrome is accompanied by neurological deficits.

Symptoms and Signs

Minor cases of the syndrome can be relatively without symptom, but severe cases can be accompanied with crucial birth defects, incontinence, and neurological impairment. General symptoms include the partial absence of the spine's lower end, abnormalities in the lower vertebral and lower spine, and pelvic abnormalities.


The syndrome is caused by abnormal prenatal development of the developing fetus' lower spine. It has also been found to occur more often in children of diabetic mothers compared to non-diabetic ones. Nutritional problems, trauma, genetics, and toxic agents of mothers during pregnancy are among other factors suggested to cause the syndrome.

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