Cayler Syndrome

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Some people are born with defects on their lower lip, and this may occur on the right or left side of the lip. This disease is Cayler Syndrome, also known as asymmetric crying facies. It is a disease wherein a congenital heart defect constricts the muscle movement of the lower lip. The controlled muscle movement is due to an underdeveloped muscle in the lip, or a complete absence of the muscle. Being congenital in nature, those afflicted are born with the disease, and is noticed in the infant when they cry or smile.


Although Cayler Syndrome is sometimes easily diagnosed at birth, there are occasions wherein only doctors can diagnose the symptoms. Other heart defects may be related to Cayler Syndrome; these include ventricular septal defects, tetralogy of Fallot, atrial septal defects, asymmetrical face, renal anomalies, vertebral anomalies, or cardiac defect.

Symptoms and Signs

In rare cases, the disease exhibits other symptoms such as an abnormally small head called microcephaly; abnormally small jawbones, also called micrognathia; small eyes, called micropthalmos; and mental retardation.

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