Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome

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Childhood nephrotic syndrome is an illness characterized by the kidney's loss of protein in the urine. The condition then causes the blood protein to decrease allowing water movement into the tissues of the body resulting to edema or swelling usually around the eyes, belly, and legs. Children doen't go to the bathroom and gain weight because of the swelling.


Diagnosis for childhood nephrotic syndrome includes urine analysis and other laboratory tests that may be accurate in diagnosis the problem.


Treatment for childhood nephrotic syndrome are focused towards trying to stop the rapid loss of protein while also increasing urine amount. Drug medications are given like prednisone. But the drug may have side effects like being hungry anytime, gaining weight, acne or pimples, mood changes abruptly, being overactive, more chance of infection, and slow growth rate. Other medications may also include diuretics or what they call as water pills like furosemide.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for childhood nephrotic syndrome manifests as swelling or edema around the eyes every morning upon waking up which will later last the whole day. Swelling in the belly, ankles, and feet will also show. Other symptoms may also include the child becoming more and more tired and become more irritable, loss appetite and looks pale.


Majority of childhood nephrotic syndrome cases has no known direct cause.

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