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Chondrosarcoma is a kind of bone cancer that comes from the cartilage tissue. It affects mostly the pelvic area, femur, arm, humerus, ribs and spine.


Chondrosarcoma can be detected by endoscopic tests and X-rays, as well as magnetic resonance imaging. Doctors also perform curettage and fluid aspiration to take out tissue samples for biopsy in order to determine the stage of the cancer.


Treatment for chondrosarcoma involves surgically removing the tumor from the affected area, followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy in order to kill the carcinogens which may spread towards the other bones. Bone grafting procedures are also done when the affected part is severely damaged by the cancer, and physical therapy is as well required for the full recovery of the patient.

Symptoms and Signs

Chondrosarcoma may show no symptoms during its early stages, but as it advances signs become noticeable, among of which are: Bone lump Bone mass Extreme pain in the bones Localized swelling

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