Chronic mountain sickness

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Chronic mountain sickness is a dsease developed during a long period of stay in high altitudes. It is also known as Monge's disease. It can develop several years after living at a high place, and high places are defined to be at over 2500 meters above sea level.


Chronic mountain disorder is treated by relocating to lower altitudes, as the symptoms slowly diminish by then.

Symptoms and Signs

Signs of having CMS include ailments such as headache, tinnitus, breathlessness, sleep disturbance, palpitations, anorexia, mental confusion and dilation of veins. It is meanwhile diagnosed by laboratory tests ranging from Hb>200g/L, Hct>65%, as well as aterial oxygen saturation of <85%.

Characteristics and Features

The disease is made up of hypoxemia and polycythemia. CMS is believed to spawn out due to the overproduction of red blood cells. Increased amount of red blood cells make the blood overactive. It may cause uneven blood viscosity as well as uneven blood flow.

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