Chylous Ascites

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Chylous ascites is an uncommon disorder that involves the drainage blockage of the abdominal lymph glands, resulting in the accumulation of milky chyle in the abdominal cavity.


Ultrasonogrphy can help verify the existence of ascites, as well as differentiate it from similar conditions. Diagnostic tests such as lymph node biopsy, CT scan, laparotomy, lymphamgiography, and bone marrow examination can also be done. Physical examination includes obtaining vital signs, examining for liver disease, hepatomegaly, and skin examination.


Since Chylous ascites is a "manifestation" rather than an illness by itself, the treatment of any underlying cause or disease is important. Other treatments include bed rest, sodium restriction, fluid, and diuretic medications. A surgical intervention may also be required, as well as therapeutic paracentesis.

Symptoms and Signs

The common symptoms and signs of Chylous ascites are abdominal swelling or distention caused by the massive quantity of milky-white fluid inside the abdominal cavity. The pressure caused on the stomach by the swollen abdomen leads to appetite loss.


There have been multiple causes describe for the condition including spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, abdominal surgery, pelvic irradiation, malignant neoplasms, blunt abdominal trauma, abdominal tuberculosis, carcinoid syndrome, and congenital defects of the lacteal formation.

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