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Cirrhosis is the condition in which the liver has incurred severe damages due to inflammation or fibrosis. In this state the liver is already scarred and nodules have formed in and around it. When left untreated cirrhosis can cause death as the liver can no longer deliver its normal functions.


Cirrhosis is diagnosed by liver biopsy and endoscopy. Blood fluids are also taken under laboratory testing.


Treatment is done by addressing the underlying disease that has caused it, to prevent further deterioration of the liver.

Symptoms and Signs

During its first stages cirrhosis appears to be asymptomatic. As it develops, fatigue, weight loss, hypertension, constant bruising and jaundice begin to be evident.


Cirrhosis is a result of other severe complications in the liver. The liver becomes impaired and blood clots block the way for nutrients and normal functions to pass through, making it weak and tender. Diseases such as hepatitis contribute to cirrhosis.

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