Cleft palate

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Cleft palate is a type of congenital defect that results from an abnormal facial development that occurred during the gestation period. It can occur together with a cleft lip. The cleft is defined as a division in the natural structure of the human body. The cleft palate occurs when the two plates of the skull that form the roof of the mouth are divided. The cleft palate can be a complete or incomplete occurrence. .


Cleft palate is a very treatable condition. A palatal obturator can temporarily close the cleft palate. Also, corrective surgery is an option that can also be availed by patients and families. Surgery is usually done between 9 and 18 months of age.


A patient with a cleft palate can have problems with ear disease, feeding, and socialization in life. The cleft palate contributes to sucking problems, making feeding for infants difficult. Gravity feeding is done to help the infant consume the milk without it spilling through the nose, and can be accomplished using the Haberman Feeder. Another effect of the cleft palate is that the ear infections may lead to total hearing loss. A patient with cleft palate might also need speech therapy, since the palate and lips, both affected in the condition, are needed in speech and pronunciation.

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