CMV Antenatal Infection

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CMV antenatal infection is an uncommon disorder wherein a fetus is infected with cytomegalovirus through its mother. Cytomegalovirus or CMV originates from a virus of the same name, belonging to herpes family. This infection can be passed on through human contact.


Diagnosis is founded on detection of the virus in one's amniotic fluid through cell culture and/or molecular biology.


Treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms and preventing complications. However, since a curative and efficient treatment has not yet been developed, systematic screening for the infection while pregnant must not be done. Importantly, parents who have children with severe CMV infection needs counseling and support to assist them in dealing with the probability of brain damage or even death of the child.

Symptoms and Signs

The majority of infections within pregnancy are 'asymptomatic'. In a few cases, signs and symptoms of the disorder include enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, small, head, developmental delay, fetal ascites, fetal hydrops, and anomalies in brain development. Affected children show signs of eye anomalies, liver dysfunction, growth retardation, or splenomegaly.


CMV antenatal infection occurs when a mother becomes infected with the virus during pregnancy. The virus travels across the fetus' placenta, which causes congenital infection of the fetus.

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