Collagenous Colitis

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Collagenous colitis is an inflammatory bowel disorder, causing chronic 'watery diarrhea'. It is also referred to as microscopic colitis, as there's no sign of swelling on the colon's swelling when viewed with colonoscopy.


Doctors may start diagnoses with culturing the stool to eliminate infectious disease. They may also refer patients to specialist for flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. These tests can be as significant in ruling out any other condition to make a definite diagnosis. Another effective diagnostic approach is biopsy.


Numerous cases of collagenous colitis alleviate without treatment, typically within a few weeks. However, if symptoms are serious, doctors usually require treatment. The therapy recommended often start with easily tolerated and simple treatments. Treatment options include lifestyle changes, such as one's diet; medications; and surgery.

Symptoms and Signs

The most common symptom is chronic diarrhea. This diarrhea is non-bloody and watery, and frequently begins somewhat abruptly. Diarrhea can become constant, or with worsening-improving-worsening in repeated cycle. Other symptoms include abdominal cramps or pain, abdominal bloating, nausea, dehydration, fecal incontinence, and modest loss of weight.


The cause of this condition hasn't been identified. A number of researchers theorize that bacteria and their produced toxins trigger the inflammation linked to the condition.

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