Colon polyps

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Colon polyps are small clusters of cells that form on the colon lining. Even though this condition is not harmful it can also develop as cancer over a period of time.


Digital rectal exam Fecal occult blood test - to check sample of blood in the stool Flexible sigmoidoscopy - to examine rectum and sigmoid Barium enema - to evaluate the whole large intestine with the use of X-ray barium Colonoscopy - most responsive test for colorectal cancer and colorectal polyps Genetic testing Pill camera New technologies like CT colonography


Removal of polyps seen during bowel examination Surgical removal of polyps - if polyps are too large

Symptoms and Signs

Rectal bleeding Blood in the stool Constipation or diarrhea Pain or obstruction of bowel


Genes that re responsible in the growing and dividing of healthy cells mutate it continues dividing even if new cells are not needed.

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