Colorado tick fever

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Colorado tick fever (CTF) is defined as a tick-borne viral illness that was largely suffered by humans in the United States. This medical condition is usually caused by an infection that is directly related to the Colorado tick fever virus, which is recorded to be a type of Coltivirus genera..


A diagnosis of CTF is typically based on a certain combination of clinical symptoms reported by the patient. Doctors can also perform some specialized confirmatory laboratory exams, that would include cell culture and antibody assays


There are currently no specific treatment available to cure CTF. Symptomatic relief that are usually administered include treatment for pain and fever with analgesics and acetominophen.

Symptoms and Signs

Individuals that are infected with this virus usually develop stage 2 fever and usually has an incubation of 4 days after the tick bite. Initial symptoms include light sensitivity, generalized malaise, pain behind the eyes, muscle and abdominal pain, and nausea.


The organism that transmits this virus is identified as an infected tick that is usually found in the rocky mountain regions in the United States,. This disease is usually more prevalent during the month of February through October. Laboratory exposure to the said virus may also be an underlying cause of CTF.

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