Colorectal Cancer

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Colorectal cancer is the medical term for both colon cancer and rectal cancer. The former is cancer of the colon, while the latter is cancer of the colon's last 6 inches.


Patients undergo screening and diagnostic tests to detect polyps and early stage of cancer. Such tests include stool blood test, stool DNA test, barium enema, colonoscopy, and virtual colonoscopy.


Colorectal cancer is mainly treated with surgery. However, treatment usually depends on the stage of the cancer. The doctor may opt for surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. These options depend on the cancer's location in the colon, its penetration in the wall of the colon, and whether it is spread to the patient's lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Symptoms and Signs

Most affected individuals have not experienced any symptoms, which when they occur depends on the size and location of the cancer in the large intestine. Those who experience symptoms may notice a change in their bowel habits more than a couple of weeks, blood in the stool, or bleeding of the rectum. Others also experience cramps, gas, or pain in the abdomen.


Generally, cancer is caused by the mutation of healthy cells. However, its exact is unknown.

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