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A common cold is characterized as an infection that affects the upper respiratory tract, throat and nose. This condition is usually harmless and is known to be self-limiting. There are about 200 viruses that are known to cause common colds, making this condition highly prevalent among adults and children alike.


Clinical evaluation usually includes CBC as well as other differential count, chemistry panel and sedimentation rate. Routine culture and smear of the sputum can also be performed.


There is no treatment for common colds. Antibiotics and OTC will not help. However, common colds are self-limiting and will eventually go away on its own. There are some medications that can help relieve the symptoms of common colds that include pain relievers, nasal sprays and decongestants, and cough syrups.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms associated with common cold typically appear on the first to the third day following cold virus exposure. Clinical symptoms include, cough, runny and stuffy nose, mild body aches, sneezing, fatigue, itchy throat and watery eyes. The discharges from the patient nose may appear thicker, usually yellow or green in color.


There are 200 types of viruses that are said to cause the common cold. Rhinovirus is the common culprit and can be highly contagious.

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