Complicated Grief

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Complicated grief is painful, complicate, and debilitating reaction to grief caused by distress and other emotional experiences.


Complicated grief is not yet an officially recognized mental disorder but an individual may still be diagnosed with it. Persons suffering from the condition undergo a psychological evaluation through questionnaires about the loss of a loved one, mood, behavior and thoughts, sleeping & eating patterns as well as lifestyle and social situation. The symptoms should manifest at least six months and impair or disrupt a person's daily life such as work and social functions. A physical examination may also be conducted to rule out other health problems that may have caused the symptoms.


There is no standardized treatment for the condition. Treatment options include psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, or medications.

Symptoms and Signs

Persons who are suffering from complicated grief may extremely focus on their loss and reminders of the loved one, intensely long for the deceased, preoccupied with their sorrow, depressed, and other debilitating feelings that impair or disrupt their daily lives.


The cause of complicated grief is not known but may involve the interaction between an individual's genes, environment, body's natural chemical makeup and personality.

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