Congenital deafness

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Congenital deafness may or may not be inherited or genetic in nature. It can also be dues to the exposure of the pregnant mother to infections such as the rubella virus. Roughly about 80% of the congenital deafness cases that are-syndromatic, which are highly heterogeneous but the mutations in the Connexin 26 molecules usually account to almost half of the patients.


Several hearing tests and ear inspections can be conducted to determine the extent of the hearing damage as well as present possible cure.


Treatment approach would largely differ depending on the cause of the congenital deafness. Among the usual treatments include medications to treat possible infections, surgical procedures and hearing aids.

Symptoms and Signs

Congenital deafness can be difficult to distinguish during infancy. However, a few good indications include difficulty in hearing conversations, inability to respond to different types of sounds and would naturally have difficulty in learning to speak.


Autosomal dominant deafness can be easily passed one from one generation to another. These are categorized as the missense mutation in then COL11A2 performs the encoding of the XI type collagen. Other causes include ear wax, usher syndrome, toxoplasmosis and otitis media.

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