Congenital heart disease

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Congenital heart disoder is a kind of heart ailment diagnosed in newborns, and usually includes some structural defects that often lead to arrhythmia as well as the possible malfunctioning of the heart muscles. This disease normally appears when the heart of the fetus is not able to function properly because of incomplete development or some irregular structure of the valves.


Diagnosis is usually performed through echocardiography, heart catheterization, medical genetics, molecular cardiology and magnetic resonance imaging. History of the patient and physical exam will also be conducted along with chest x-rays


Majority of the cases of congenital heart disoders can be improved or corrected with surgery. However, there are also some cases that do not require any form of treatment. Either way, a lot of individuals who have congenital heart defects are able to live full and healthy lives.

Symptoms and Signs

Clinical symptoms may include difficulty in feeding the baby, shortness of breath, respiratory infections, sweating, cyanosis, heart murmur and stunted growth.


In about 8 out of 10 cases of congenital heart disoder, the cause is unknown. However, among the usual factors include other birth defects, genetics, and possible infection during pregnancy, medications and alcohol as well as poor maternal health.

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