Congenital mesoblastic nephroma

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Congenital mesoblastic nephroma is a type of tumor of the kidney that is usually detected before birth through ultrasound, typically during the first three months of fetal development. The tumor contains fibroblastic cells or the connective cell tissues and may continue to spread to the other kidney or neighboring tissues. This congenital disorder has been found to be more prevalent among males.


Since tumor is believed to be congenital, it is usually detected prior to birth through the use of an ultrasound. However, in most cases, it is discovered during the first few months of life through the abnormal mass presented. Postnatal surgery may be conducted to avoid other medical complications of the infant.


Normally, the congenital mesoblastic nephroma tumor present in the newborn as characterized by a large asymptomatic mass, which typically requires local invasion.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms associated with congenital mesoblastic nephroma include enlarged kidneys and distorted kidneys, detection of kidney tumors, premature labor, abdominal mass, asymptomatic and polyhuramnios.


The occurrence of congenital mesoblastic nephroma tumors is directly caused by gene mutations as well as association with pediatric cancer called fibrosarcoma. This is a common gene mutation that is categorized as sarcoma-based.

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