Congenital Myopathy

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Congenital myopathy is characterized by a muscle disorder that is already present at birth, and this includes a great number of highly distinct neuromuscular syndromes and disorders. In most cases, congenital myopathies do not display any evidence of progressive dystrophic progress or any inflammations. This comes with the marked muscle weakness and loss of muscle tone that significantly delays motor development of babies such as learning how to walk.


Diagnosis would usually depend on the symptoms that are associated with the disease along with physical examination.


Patients afflicted with congenital myopathy generally have normal life expectancy but suffers a non-progressive weakness of the muscle. Supplementary treatments should also include measures that would help patients to better with this medical conditions.

Symptoms and Signs

Among the usual symptoms associated with congenital myopathy include rigid and stiff muscles, slow walking, swallowing, and talking. It also comes with distinct muscle definition, overdevelopment of muscles and difficulty of releasing grip.


Congenital myopathy is identified as an inherited genetic disease, in which the nuclei are abnormally found in the very center of the muscle fibers. The most severe form of this medical condition is typically diagnosed at birth and inherited as an x-linked trait that also causes respiratory muscle weakness.

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