Contact Lens Solution Toxicity

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Contact lens solution toxicity generally refers to the eye conditions that develop due to unwanted reactions to contact lens solutions. This type of reaction if often categorized as a form of allergy and is inflammatory in nature.


The basis of the diagnosis for contact lens solution toxicity would be mainly be based on the symptoms and signs the patient suffers.


In most cases, patients normally think symptoms is caused by ill-fitting contact lens solution toxicity contact lenses when in truth the main culprit is the solution. An ophthalmologist would usually recommend ointments and eye drops to treat the condition. However, most treatment plans would rely on the severity of the condition.

Symptoms and Signs

While one may not instantly detect the condition of contact lens solution toxicity, there may be some clear indications that may help detect the said condition. Symptoms of contact lens solution toxicity include redness of the eyes, itching, tearing, pain, and discharge from the eyes, blurred vision and inability to wear contact lenses.


There are a great number of different contact lens solutions available in the market today. Solutions that may cause toxicity include multipurpose solutions, rewetting solutions, artificial tear products, disinfecting and rinsing solutions.

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