Cooley’s Anemia

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Cooley's anemia, also called Thassalemia, is a hereditary blood disorder distinguished by less number of red blood cells and less hemoglobin in the body. Due to the decreased amount of red blood cells, the condition leads to anemia.


Some of the methods used for diagnosis of Cooley's anemia include blood tests, assisted reproductive technology, and prenatal testing. Prenatal tests can be performed prior to the baby's birth to diagnose if they have the disease; chronic villi sampling and amniocentesis are some tests used.


Treating the disorder will depend on the severity and type of thalassemia. For minor thalassemia, an occasional blood transfusion is required, especially after delivery, surgery, or if one develops an infection. Major thalassemia often needs regular blood transfusions. Medications that help dispose extra iron are prescribed.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms and signs experience depends on the severity and type of thalassemia. Indications of Cooley's anemia include weakness, fatigue, slow growth, breath shortness, jaundice, dark urine, face abnormalities, and protruding abdomen.


The disorder is caused by one of the chains of globins that compose hemoglobin. Reduced synthesis of this globin chain results to the formation of irregular hemoglobin molecules, which in turn leads to the anemia presenting the disorder's symptoms.

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