Corneal Erosion, Recurrent

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Recurrent corneal erosion is characterized by a disorder that affects the eyes. This condition is caused by the failure of the epithelial cells in the cornea to attach to the underlying basement membrane. Patients would usually feel frequent pain and loss of the cells that ultimately causes the exposure of the cornea.


The erosion of the cornea can be detected through a magnification using the ophtalmoscope. In most cases, a fluorescein is first applied to the blue-light to be used.


The treatment for this condition is quite similar to that of corneal abrasion. Patients are usually administered with an antibiotic treatment and general avoidance to rubbing the eyes to prevent further damage.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of recurrent corneal erosion include the frequent attacks of acute ocular pain, sensitivity to bright lights and the sensation of having a foreign body in the eye. The pain is usually experienced during sleep when the patient is unconsciously rubbing the eyes or when waking up.


The problem is primarily caused when the base layer of epithelial cells stay poorly to the cornea, and causes them to be sloughed off easily. This pain and discomfort are often intense, and share similar symptoms with a corneal abrasion. More often than not, there is an underlying medical disorder that causes the recurrent corneal erosion.

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