Corneal Foreign Body

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A corneal foreign body typically occurs when the person's cornea has a certain piece of foreign matter that is lodged in it. Among the most common foreign bodies identified include paint chips, metal and wood debris, dust particles and plant materials.


Eye examination is the primary basis for corneal foreign body.


In most cases, the physician can easily remove the corneal foreign body using instruments that are specifically designed for thee eyes. After the removal, patients are advised to administer regularly an antibiotic eye drops to prevent the development of infection. For severe cases where the foreign body has deeply pierced the cornea, immediate medical attention is required and permanent blindness is most likely.

Symptoms and Signs

Among the most common symptoms of cornea foreign body include the scratchy feeling, burning sensation and sharp pain. It can also include redness of the eye, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light, difficulty of opening the eyes blurred vision and even possible loss of vision.


The lodging of the foreign body can easily occur from anywhere. Known causes of this medical condition include accidental trauma, small pieces of wood, sand or other equally small foreign body and injury caused by use of power tools.

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