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Cowpox or catpox is now an uncommon skin disease caused by a virus called cowpox that is transmitted by touching infected animals. In the 18th century, the disease was contracted when a person touches the udders of cow that are infected. Today, however, this disease that causes hands to develop postular lesions and the skin to have red blisters is usually transmitted by touching cats, hence it is also called cat pox. Interestingly, the cowpox virus proved to be useful in the past two centuries when it became the first vaccine for the smallpox.

Symptoms and Signs

Pustular lesions are localized, affecting only the parts of the body which came into direct contact with the animals. Red blisters are also a sign that a person is sick with cowpox.


The main carriers of cowpox virus are woodland rodents, which then transmit the virus to cats and cows. Humans get sick with cowpox when they come into contact with these infected animals.

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