Crow-Fukase Syndrome

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The rare medical condition called Crow-Fukase syndrome is also called POEMS syndrome after the clinical features that distinguish it from other diseases - Polyneuropathy (peripheral nerve damage), Organomegaly (abnormal enlargement of organs), Endocrinopathy (damage to hormone-producing glands)/Edema, M-protein (an abnormal antibody) and Skin abnormalities (including hyperpigmentation and hypertrichosis).


A battery of tests are performed in the diagnosis of Crow-Fukase syndrome including bone marrow biopsy, lymph node biopsy, electromyography and nerve biopsies.


The scientific community has not proven a therapy or medication to have effectively managed or treated the disease.

Symptoms and Signs

The effects of Crow-Fukase syndrome is far-reaching, with symptoms divided into major and minor criteria. Major signs are polyneuropathy and monoclonal plasmaproliferative disorder. Minor symptoms are sclerotic bone lesions, endocrinopathy, Castleman disease, edema, skin changes, and orgamegaly. Patients will also suffer from pulmonary hypertension, fever, diarrhea, low vitamin B12, weight loss, among other symptoms.


There is no known cause of Crow-Fukase syndrome, though it is believed that paraprotein as well as the vascular endothelial growth factor maybe responsible for the development of the disease.

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