Cystic hygroma

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Cystic Hygroma is a fluid filled sac that came about from an obstruction in the lymphatic system. It can either be single or multiple cysts found in the neck area. Cystic Hygroma can be congenital or it could develop at any time in a person's life.


Usually the lump is physically obvious and would not require imaging tests for diagnosis. Nonetheless, to have an approximate evaluation of the abnormality, Magnetic Resonance Imaging is deemed very helpful.


Cystic Hygroma can be treated by complete removal of the fluid filled sac or abnormal tissue. In cases where the cystic hygromas have already invaded other neck structures, the surgery will be impossible. Other treatments can be done such as chemotherapy, sclerotherapy, radiation therapy and steroids but with minimal success. In some cases, when the complete removal is impossible, the cystic hygroma normally returns. Other tests include ultrasound and CT scan.

Symptoms and Signs

The most well known symptom is a mass found on the neck.


Cystic hygromas can either occur as a separate finding or with other birth defects. Normally, cystic hygromas result from environmental factors and genetic factors. Environmental causes include viral infections or substance abuse (alcohol) during pregnancy. Aside from the two factors mentioned there are other unknown factors that can cause cystic hygroma.

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