Protein S Deficiency

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Protein S deficiency is an inherited condition caused by lack of Protein S in the blood plasma. Individuals with Protein S deficiency have an increased tendency to form blood clots.


Screening to diagnose small children suspected to be having protein S deficiency are often postponed because often times early testing can be erroneous.


Warfarin is often used for individuals with Protein S deficiency in order to avoid having another blood clot. Warfarin cannot actually remove or eliminate the blood clot but it can prevent the blood clot from getting larger; therefore preventing thrombosis. In some cases, heparin is taken first before warfarin because in rare cases warfarin can result to development of serious skin wounds and short-lived bleeding.

Symptoms and Signs

Individuals with protein S deficiency manifest symptoms such as cardinal signs of inflammation including pain, tenderness, swelling, and warmth in the affected limb usually on one leg alone.


Protein S deficiency is an illness that runs in the family - meaning it can be inherited causing abnormal blood clotting. The disorder can be carried in genes in various manners. Protein S deficiency can be caused by a deficiency in Vitamin K, liver disease, and some long-term infection including HIV.

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