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Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by red spots in the skin that are usually painful and itchy. It is a lifelong condition that heavily affect the lifestyles of those with the disease. It has five types, and its severity can lead to psoriatic arthritis, where joints become affected.


Psoriasis can easily be detected through medical and dermatological examinations.


There is no exact way to cure psoriasis, and the sores my recur anytime. Medications are administered to help reduce the effects of the disease, since the immune system is affected by psoriasis. However, patients deal more with the emotional turmoil brought about by the disease, since the sores cause immediate embarrassments towards the rest of the society.

Symptoms and Signs

The most common symptoms of psoriasis are red sores in different parts of the skin. It can also develop in the scalp. These sores can eventually be very discomforting.


Despite being one of the oldest-known skin diseases, scientists still haven't detected the exact reasons for psoriasis. But some recent research shows that psoriasis is a result of certain genetic mutations in the skin cells as well as the immune system.

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