Below you will find more information about psychosis from Medigest. If you believe that you are suffering from any of the symptoms of psychosis it is important that you obtain an accurate diagnosis from a medical professional to ensure that you obtain the correct medication or treatment for your condition. There are medical conditions that carry similar symptoms associated with psychosis and therefore the information provided by Medigest is offered as a guideline only and should never be used in preference to seeking professional medical advice. The information relating to psychosis comes from a third party source and Medigest will not be held liable for any inaccuracies relating to the information shown.


Psychosis refers to a serious medical condition due to disturbed brain functions. A person with psychosis exhibit detachment from his social environment, as well as demonstrate sudden changes in thinking, and behaving. Patients afflicted with psychosis tend to be harmful, thus they are room-restricted for isolation.


Psychosis can be diagnosed through intensive monitoring of the patient, as well as a series of counseling sessions where the the patient demonstrates loss of thoughts, disorientation, and unusual behavior. Careful diagnostic procedures should be taken since the condition may be aggravated when the patient is given wrong medications.


Psychosis is treated with low doses of anti-psychotic drugs combined with therapy sessions. Moral support coming from family and friends are also helpful. In severe cases, patients with psychosis are admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

Symptoms and Signs

Patients with psychosis seem to experience disorganized thoughts, mood swings, distrust to other people in their environment, perceive to be hearing voices and faces only they can see, and act differently than they usually do.


Psychosis is caused by varying reasons; it can be brought about by previous medical conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, manic-depression, and substance use.

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