Pubic Crabs

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Pubic crabs, also known as crab lice or pubic lice, are parasitic insects that thrive on a person's pubic area. The lice cause irritation and itchiness due to bites and scratches, and the wounds due to scratching may lead to infections or typhus.


Diagnosis is done by mere observation of the presence of pubic crabs on the patient.


Eliminating pubic crabs is by proper hygiene and disinfectant pubic wash. Sheets and blankets also have to be properly washed or kept in airtight plastic bags for two weeks to prevent breeding of eggs.

Symptoms and Signs

The main symptom of this condition is the presence of lice on the pubic areas of a person. Itchiness and scratch wounds are likely to occur eventually.


The presence of pubic crabs is due to poor hygienic practices. Also, one may contract pubic crabs during sexual contact with and infected partner, or sleeping on the sheets where the parasites are present.

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