Pyloric Stenosis

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Pyloric stenosis is a serious condition of forceful spitting or vomitting due to the enlargement of pylorus preventing food from entering the small intestine.


Doctors use various strategies to diagnose the condition because its signs and symptoms can mimic those of other conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease. Strategies used by doctors include reviewing the baby's medical history such as vomiting, which may need to be described. They also conduct physical examination by feeling the baby's abdomen to feel an enlarged pyloric muscle. Blood tests are also conducted to check of the loss of electrolytes , which may signal the continuous vomiting and dehydration. Other tests such as ultrasound and contrast X-ray are also performed to the abnormalities in the stomach.


Patients with the condition typically undergo surgical procedures during which the outside layer of the thickened pyloric muscles surgeon are cut and spread apart leaving the inside lining of the pylorus intact.

Symptoms and Signs

Babies with pyloric stenosis exhibit projectile vomiting and persistent hunger. They experience stomach contractions, dehydration, changes in bowel movements, and weight problems.


The condition has no known cause but genetics may have a role in it.

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