Relapsing Fever

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Relapsing fever is a type of fever that keeps recurring. It is often joined by headaches, muscle pain, joint aches and nausea. There are two kinds: tick-borne (TBRF) and louse-borne relapsing fever (LBRF).


Several exams may be conducted to check the symptoms of replasing fever to rule out other underlying causes. A physical exam can check the degree of the patient's dehydration. Hepatosplenomegaly (enlargement of the liver and spleen) will also be checked, and yellowing of the skin. Skin exam may also be reveal rashes.


Antibiotics are used to treat both types of relapse fever. Some of these medications may be used: erythromycin, tetracyclines, chloramphenicol, or penicillins.

Symptoms and Signs

Other symptoms found with relapsing fever are: fever, generalized body aches, myalgias, arthalgias, headache, chills, sweats. Symptoms that occur later are: nausea, vomiting, anorexia, dry cough, photophobia, rashes, neck pain, eye pain, confusion and dizziness.


Bacteria cause tick-borne relapse fever from the bite of an infected tick usually during summer months. Louse-borne relapse fever is caused by another type of bacteria called Borrelia recurrentis transmitted from person to person through the body of a louse. This illness can be severe and may cause death.

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